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Cosmo Worlds: This desktop application for authoring 3D virtual worlds employed innovative "in-scene" construction and editing techniques. The "snap-dragging" interface married ease of free-hand sketching with the use of in-scene objects and drop-in construction aids to earn precision without typing in dimension values.


Indigo Magic Desktop: Starting from a bare-bones Unix environment, my User Interface teams defined, designed, and developed a rich and productive working environment suitable for SGI's creative customers. Components of these efforts included comprehensive Style guidelines, the finder-esque WorkSpace, as well as a suite of interaction widgets and media tools which shaped SGI's IRIX workstation products.


Full Service Network: A custom thumb-centric remote control was designed to drive the advanced viewer interface for Time Warner's Interactive Television trials in Orlando, Florida. FSN's innovative user-experience-driven architecture was the first to place digital, interactive channels directly within the continuum of analog channels, inviting the viewer to surf through interactive offerings on par with the existing lineup.