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Intrinsic Advertising: Ad placement occurs functionally, directly as part of this social action network's page interface. This strategic definition offers constructive value for the users and prime association for the sponsors.

Client: Zazengo


Fisheye Viewing: On-hover browsing techniques adaptively expand information under the mouse, supporting agile, detailed discovery across large data sets in a compact space.

Client: Plaxo


Seatback Navigation Interface: A touch-screen passenger interface overlays a dynamic 3D globe presentation system tracking the flight in progress. This interface supports interactive navigation and geospatial inquiry in the on-board networked entertainment system.

Client: GeoFusion


Visual Body Portal: Following their work developing other encyclopedic information spaces, including an interactive Solar System Portal and an Earth Sciences Portal, ManyOne envisioned a layered, composite body model to be used as a framework for browsing health information.

Client: ManyOne Networks